Occult Science for Artists or a new Mythology

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About Occult Science for Artists, or a new Mythology

Every culture needs mythology, a world of pictures and images that reflects its cosmic reality, and can serve as a source of inspiration.

Assuming that the creators of our world were not technicians, but artists, we might ask:  how is our world created as an example of an archetypical creative process?
Rudolf Steiner’s description of the world creation in four planetary stages in his book "Occult Science - An Outline" will serve as a foundation for this year's study.
However, rather than study world creation as such, we will explore it as a myth in expansive pictures, building on more than 20 years of study and teaching of the great imaginations of creation. We hope that this myth will become a source in the search for a new, narrative, and epic kind of art.

A subscription to this podcast seminar grants accesses to the complete live recordings of the 2020-2021 trimester lecture series at the neueKUNSTschule, Basel.
I will be publishing 4 episodes weekly during each of the three trimesters:
Autumn trimester: 21.09 - 11.12, winter trimester: 11.01 - 26.03, spring trimester: 19.04 - 26.06

Zvi Szir
neueKUNSTschule, Basel
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Welcome to a "work in progress", this is not a polished "radio like" podcast, this is the real thing, and we are happy if you join us.

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