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Blackbord 1est Lecture

Photos of the blackboard of the 1est Lecture???

2. Lecture Blackbord

Can i see The Blackboard of the Second lecture?

The Development of the Hierarchies through the Different Planetary stages

We notice that all the Spiritual Beings, that are described as "the Spiritual Hierarchy" are going through development, can we create a clearer picture of it?

The Egg and the Architecture, the Blackboard from Lecture 9.

Old Saturn is the source of our Architectural imagination, it is where the lows of the Physical (body) were developed. When R. Steiner looked for a new architectural expression of the relationship between the earthly and the Spirit, he chooses the double dom, a metamorphosis of the egg form, see the linked images

11. Lecture

What was on the Blackboard? And what Pieta of Michaelangelo I was talking about?