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12. Lecture, the Blackboard

Trying to clarify the relationship between the beings of the second hierarchy, spirits of wisdom, movement, and form, working from the "inside" generating physical warm/fire, and reflecting there work into the cosmos, and the beings of the first hierarchy, observing actively from the outside, with spiritual-soul warm/fire. The body of the Archai, the "egg-forms", are set in motion through the play of these two streams of will.

to 13. Lecture, the blackboards

I used to Blackboardes to illustrate some points, you can download them and take a look

to Lecture 14. Blackboards about the end of the Saturn stage.

The Lecture deals with general with the End, so are the Boards

20th LectureBlackboard

This is the link to the Blackboard from this lecture. I tried to illustrate the complex relationship between The Plant-Human-Bodys on the old sun, The Archangels, Archai and the reappeared Saturn and the mirroring material, the part of the Warm that didn't reach its full development on the Saturn.

The Blackboard of lecture 21./22.

The drawing of the complex relationship on the old Sun...